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Hey! My name is Dimitris Mouris (Δημήτρης Μούρης) and I am a PhD candidate in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. at the University of Delaware under the supervision of Dr. Nektarios Tsoutsos. I hold my Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Computer Systems and Computer Science, respectively, from the Dept. of Informatics, University of Athens, Greece.

I like computer security and privacy, particularly in the areas of zero-knowledge proofs, private & verifiable computation, and side-channel attacks. I am motivated by the impact of cybersecurity in contemporary society and on humanity.



D. Mouris and N.G. Tsoutsos, "Zilch: A Framework for Deploying Transparent Zero-Knowledge Proofs", IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 2021, (IEEEXplore), (Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2020/1155),

D. Mouris, C. Gouert, N. Gupta and N.G. Tsoutsos, "Peak your Frequency: Advanced Search of 3D CAD Files in the Fourier Domain", IEEE Access, 2020, (IEEEXplore),

D. Mouris, N.G. Tsoutsos and M. Maniatakos, "TERMinator Suite: Benchmarking Privacy-Preserving Architectures", IEEE Computer Architecture Letters, 2018, (IEEEXplore), (Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2017/1218),


D. Mouris and N.G. Tsoutsos, "Pythia: Intellectual Property Verification in Zero-Knowledge", 57th ACM/EDAC/IEEE Design Automation Conference (DAC), 2020, (IEEEXplore)

P. Cronin, C. Gouert, D. Mouris, N.G. Tsoutsos and C. Yang, "Covert Data Exfiltration Using Light and Power Channels", 37th IEEE International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD), 2019, (IEEEXplore)


T. Giannopoulos* and D. Mouris*, "Privacy Preserving Medical Data Analytics using Secure Multi Party Computation. An End-To-End Use Case.", M.Sc. thesis, University of Athens, 2018, (Pergamos Digital Library),
* Authors are listed in alphabetical order.

./Open-Source Projects

liboqs-java: Java wrapper for liboqs. liboqs is an open source C library for quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms. See more about liboqs at openquantumsafe.org.

Zilch. A Framework for Deploying Transparent Zero Knowledge Proofs

ZeroJava to zMIPS compiler. A compiler to translate ZeroJava code to zMIPS assembly and create zero-knowledge proofs using the Zilch framework.

SMPC Analytics. Source code for "Privacy Preserving Medical Data Analytics using Secure Multi Party Computation. An End-To-End Use Case" A. Giannopoulos, D. Mouris M.Sc. thesis for the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. See more about liboqs at mhmd.madgik.di.uoa.gr.

TERMinator Suite. Data-oblivious benchmarks for encrypted data computation.

QR-secret-sharing. Create QR codes to secret share a message using Shamir's secret sharing algorithm. Ideal for cryptocurrency wallet recovery keys, passwords, etc. Protect your message by sharing it to secrets. Print the created QR codes and store them separately somewhere safe.

FFS: Fourier Fingerprint Search. Advanced search of 3D CAD files in the Fourier domain.

Auction Website. An e-commerce marketplace template. An online auction and shopping website for buying and selling a wide variety of goods and services worldwide.

Parallel Convolution. An image-filtering project optimized with parallel programming techniques (MPI, MPI & OpenMP, and CUDA).



You can reach me via e-mail: jimouris at gmail dot com.

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